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Chandra Darshana: The auspicious day of Chandra Darshana, or the first day of moon sighting following a full moon or Amavasya, will be held on July 11, 2021. In the Hindu faith, the first glimpse of the moon following the Amavasya has tremendous sacred importance. People fast for a day and only break it when they see the new moon on Chandra Darshan day. The moon is one of Hinduism’s most important heavenly bodies, since it is associated with knowledge, vibrancy, purity, sensitivity, and happiness. On Chandra Darshan day, it is regarded highly auspicious to stare at the moon since it gives wealth and pleasure. On this day, devotees worship to Lord Chandra or Chandra dev.

Chandra Darshan at Temple

Chandra, or the Moon, is also known as Soma, the ‘illustrious’ deity of Vedic astrology’s nine planets (Navagraha). The moon is also claimed to govern the mind’s power and to offer the ability to meditate and concentrate. The location of the moon in horoscopes is used in Indian astrology to describe one’s Kundali. The moon, according to Hindu mythology, has a significant impact on our life.

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Many devotees even fast for a day and only do Parana after seeing the moon after sunset, by drinking water and eating ‘prasad’ that honours the Lord Moon.

Because Chandra is linked with food grains (rice and wheat), the day is also considered auspicious for making contributions in the form of clothing, sugar, and other items.

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Chandra Darshan
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